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"If you can find balance, you will find happiness. If you are happy, you will stay consistent. If you stay consistent, you will have success."
— Coach Mel


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I have a passion for all things related to health and fitness. I truly care about people and want to see them achieve their goals. Whether it’s losing weight, building a healthier lifestyle, making exercise a priority in your life, getting stronger, or doing your first century ride, I want you to succeed!

Not too long ago, I was addicted to counting every calorie and tracking every macronutrient, and I was in the gym for hours almost every day. While on vacation I got really sick out of the blue and it opened my eyes. After three months of being very ill, not being able to exercise for six months, and being forced to look deeply into my life, I learned what was truly important to me and what I had been wasting my time with. I realized I was missing precious time with my husband and family, those who matter the most to me. It’s hard to believe I followed this type of lifestyle for so long, and that it took getting so sick to realize all that I had been missing in my life!


It took ME a long time to get where I am today, but it doesn't have to take YOU that long. That's why I started Fit4You Coaching. I want to show people that yes, you CAN have the body you want without tediously counting calories. You CAN have more free time, and enjoy your life as you should, and maintain a happy and healthy life for the long haul!

My personal health and fitness hobbies:

Cycling is part of my meditation practice—I can get lost pedaling out in the rolling hills, breathing in the fresh air, and admiring the beautiful scenery all around me.


I love weight lifting—especially kettlebell and barbell training—and the strength and courage it gives me. It makes me feel empowered, and I know it will keep me more agile as I get older.


As for food and cooking, I absolutely love creating delicious, healthy recipes to share with people. There's nothing better than to make people happy with food—good, wholesome, healthy food! On numerous occasions I've been asked to make my chocolate "cupcakes" for parties (kids’ parties too!), which by the way, include NO added sugar and have vegetables in them! Say whaaat!?


I have been a personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor for more than ten years, training individuals and small groups of all abilities and ages. As an endurance cycling coach, I’ve trained all levels of cyclists—from beginners to advanced—to ride century rides (100 miles in one day) all over the United States, with a training period of just three months.