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Melissa Stankovich is not a doctor nor a registered dietician. Melissa Stankovich will not provide medical advice. Melissa’s coaching services are intended to inspire you to instill lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits. She’ll teach you to navigate the grocery store, how to cook incredible meals, ways to fit more exercise into your busy life, what to reach for to satisfy cravings, and how to balance it all to live your best life. Simply stated, you understand that I am a nutrition and fitness coaching professional offering motivational and educational services. I cannot be held liable for any advice, suggestions, recommendations, or guidance that I provide during our work together.

Melissa Stankovich

Nutrition & Fitness Coach


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"If you can find balance, you will find happiness. If you are happy, you will stay consistent. If you stay consistent, you will have success."
Why FIT4YOU Coaching?

Because life is all about balance—you want to live your life and be happy and be healthy too.


Did you know that you can have the body you want and be healthy and fit, without counting every calorie and spending endless hours in the gym? Tedious calorie counting and food restrictions, along with excessive exercising isn't sustainable. It not only stops us from reaching our health and fitness goals, but these habits don't make us happy. We end up being stressed and question why we are even are trying in the first place!


Sometimes, these extremes can help individuals achieve their goals—such as fitness competitors or competitive athletes—but for the average person like you and me, this isn’t  sustainable or generally healthy for the long haul.


Experience the value of customized nutrition and fitness programs that fit your personal lifestyle and are sustainable for a lifetime of health and wellness.  

Join me today on this journey to FIND YOUR BALANCE!

In-person and Online Programs available for:

  • Nutrition, Fitness, and/or Individuals

  • Small, Large, or Corporate Groups

  • Endurance/Competitive Athletes

  • Gluten-Free Counseling

  • Meal Prep Classes/Lessons

  • FIT Club